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At the end of the century, in 2000, the Czech Television decided to make 13 documentaries under the title "The Poets of the Epoch" devoted to the prominent artists of the 20th century. Eugen Doga is the 9th in this list. In spring 2000, Czech director Yuri Vondrak made a 29-minute program about Eugen Doga which covers the one whole day in the composer’s life. The film turned out to be a kind of a blitz-portrait at the turn of the centuries. The premiere of the film was in winter, 2000, in Brno and Prague (Czech Republic); actually, it was the first documentary film telling about the life and work of composer Eugen Doga.

In our difficult times composer Eugen Doga manages to keep for himself a part of the huge spiritual space which created him and goes on "feeding" him. Maestro, in his turn, selflessly pays a tribute to the society with true "golden coins" - as his melodies, having crossed all the boundaries, are travelling around the world freely, and nowadays, in the new century, keep on exciting and rejoicing many people on the planet by purifying and harmonizing their souls.

In 2012 Eugen Doga established the International Fund “Dominanta”. Its mission is to facilitate the actualization of creative and spiritual principles of composers. This is to strengthen and develop the cooperation in the field of musical art, to reserve and develop cultural values, to participate in various national and international creative projects, to cooperate with government and non-government organizations and so on.

On January 18, 2014 the salon “Eugen Doga” opened its doors. This was an old dream of the composer – to create a Music Salon which would bring together musicians, politicians, artists, business people, and like-minded people and hold musical evenings. The main objective of the Salon is to bring together people in our disparate world through art and communication.

"I want to bring together at the Salon nice and like-minded people, because we are all very disconnected, and a common soulful state of mind tends to pull us together," – noted Eugen Doga.

Maestro Eugen Doga is always seeking new horizons, continues to write new music and still considers himself an eternal student.








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