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On January 18, 2014 the salon “Eugen Doga” opened its doors. This was an old dream of the composer – to create a Music Salon which would bring together musicians, politicians, artists, business people, and like-minded people and hold musical evenings. The main objective of the Salon is to bring together people in our disparate world through art and communication.

"I want to bring together at the Salon nice and like-minded people, because we are all very disconnected, and a common soulful state of mind tends to pull us together," – noted Eugen Doga. 

On January 15 the birthday anniversary of the Romanian genius Mihai Eminescu . 16.01.2017

Master Eugen Doga presented his new album "Mirror moments". TRM. 22.11.2015

Mihai Eminescu's poems and romances sounded in the music saloon "Eugen Doga". Teleradio Moldova. 16.01.2015

The music salon on the Day of national culture. 15.01.2015

Eugen Doga preparing a new musical-literary bee. Teleradio Moldova. 13.01.2015

Eugen Doga inaugurated the Music Saloon that carries his name. Teleradio Moldova. 19.01.2014

The opening Musical salon "Eugen Doga". 18.01.2014


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