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The libretto and the scene of the ballet

Ballet "Luceafarul"

Act 1

Scene 1. Prologue

The sky velvet is studded with star sparks.

The fragile girl’s figure is rushing forward. By wave of her hands-wings a twinkling star is lighting up on the sky – it is Luchiaferul.

The girl is rushing to the starlight, but beautiful Luchiaferul is far away, out of reach... 

Scene 2

A hall of the palace. Merry dance of pages is being interrupted by the arrival of their mentor, and they involve her in the clownish circle of their dance. Having appeared palace girls are joining the overall fun... The palace bell has chimed announcing coming-in a land of sleep. The cortege led by a mentor is solemnly going to the princess Catalina’s bedroom. 

Scene 2 

Catalina’s bedroom. Pages and palace girls are leaving princess’s palace rooms. Fair as the moon among the stars, Catalina is sitting down on the bed redolent of flowers and with bated breath listening sounds of the moving away lullaby through the sweet shadow of the night. А magical starlight of rising Luchiaferul is pouring through the ornamental windows of the castle into the bedchamber. Falling asleep Catalina is calling her lover. And now Luchiaferul is standing at the head of sleeping Catalina.

Scene 3 

Sad Catalina is appearing in a grove on the sea shore. Her page Catalin is relentlessly following by Catalina. Princess does not notice him. Her dreams are about distant and inaccessible Luchiaferul are being interrupted by the appearance of troubadours. She wants to see nobody, and she is hiding from everyone, but suddenly knocking together with a witch-fortuneteller. Catalina is asking her to tell her fortunes. The witch is pointing to a star, which is bright twinkling over the sea – it is Luchiaferul.

The princess is calling her lover once more: “Archon of darkness, come to me, come down here shining!” At the same moment he is appearing before Catalina.

Luchiaferul is calling her with him again. But Catalina can not resolve leaving the earth.

Frustrated by her refusal Luchiaferul is disappearing. Meanwhile, page Catalin has sought the princess who was in despair of being separated from Luchiaferul. He is telling her about his love. 

Act 2

Scene 5

Fiancés have come to propose to the beautiful princess Catalina to the king’s palace from all quarters. Catalina is sad. She is not delighted with her fiancés; she is not honoring anybody with a look or smile. The young princess’s dreams are captivated forever by the star from the heaven. She is full of ardent love to Luchiaferul shining in the sky.

Scene 6 

A heaven Archon’s kingdom. Whirlwinds of stars and flying meteorites are cutting through the darkness. Luchiaferul is flying to Archon. He is praying to the almighty Parent to rid him of immortality for a brief moment of earthly love. But his entreaties were vain; his father is not agreed. 

Scene 6 

A grove on the sea shore. Catalina stretching out his arms to the sky is calling Luchiaferul. There is a page Catalin beside her. The hands of the princess and the page are connected, and their faces touched each other. Two of the shadows merged into one. When awaking Catalina is breaking from the embrace of page running away from him. Seeing a bright light of Luchiaferul she is calling him to her again.

And now Luchiaferul is rushing towards Catalina on the storm sea. But there is an unsurpassable wall between them. Catalina is hopelessly trying to reach Luchiaferul... He is giving her a last farewell glance and promptly disappearing forever.

Catalina hardly hears the last sea moan. Being exhausted and kneeling to the ground she is an embodiment of sadness. And Luchiaferul’s cold light, mysterious, inconceivable and passionless, went on the sky again.

Ballet "Luceafarul"


1997-2017 (c) Eugen Doga. All rights reserved.