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Open Air Concert at Castel Mimi. 20.08. 2017

On August 20, 2017, an open-air concert took place at Castel Mimi. Over 500 guests came to the event dedicated to Maestro’s 80th birthday. Music sounded on the premises of Castel Mimi – one of the most beautiful aristocratic estates in the world. This Moldovan architectural monument, recently restored, was built in the style of a French wine chateau by Bessarabia’s last governor Constantine Mimi at the end of the 19th century.

The Maestro himself prefers such venues. “This is being connected to the Universe, the whole sky above you,” says Eugen Doga.

Before the concert commenced, guests were given a tour around the castle’s territory and offered wines for degustation.

In the concert performed soloists Tatiana Cherga, Anna Chernikova, Mariana Bulikanu, Dumitru Mytsu, Vitalie Advakhov, the Accord group and the author himself, accompanied by the National Opera and Ballet Theater Orchestra, conducted by Dumitru Kyrchumaru. They performed famous waltzes and songs by Eugen Doga as well as his romances based on Mihai Eminescu and Veronica Micle’s poetry.

The open-air concerted lasted two hours. Music fans ardently received the performers and greeted Eugen Doga by standing up.

“I enjoyed everything. Great recreation, clean air, wonderful music” – said one of the guests.

“Everybody tried really hard, especially the soloists. We have really great musicians, especially the trumpeter and the violinist. As for me, the most pleasant thing is that I realized that tomorrow won’t be in vain,” said composer Eugen Doga.

The musical fountain set to Eugen Doga’s waltz melody also impressed the attendees.

The event’s atmosphere was supported by the guests themselves who came clothed in white according to the dress code. Tickets were completely sold out in five days. The event organizers plan to repeat the success.

“It is a dream come true.Undoubtedly, we intend to organize similar events in the future,” commented Castel Mimi’s General Manager Christina Frolova.

“Someone once said that we are what we love. We love Maestro Eugen Doga; love his music because it inspires us. It raises us above the routine, makes us forget any troubles, makes us better and lighter,” said Minister of Culture Monika Babuk.

Prior to the event, in honor of Eugen Doga’s 80th birthday, the first of its kind musical fountain was launched at Castel Mimi. Its water streams intertwine in a colorful show to the melody of the waltz from My Sweet and Tender Beast.

The event was organized in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

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