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Eugen Doga. The “Dialogues of Love” concert in Botosani. 06.17.2017

“I am not ashamed of tears. It’s good when a person can cry. A person who is able to cry sees the world as more beautiful!” Eugen Doga’s concert in Botosani was about feelings and love. About his art which is difficult to express through words.

It was an evening in Botosani dedicated to Eugen Doga. His famous and renowned works composed to the poetry of Mihai Eminescu and Veronica Micle sounded for three hours.

The concert started with a showing of a fragment of the film “Eugen Doga” from the series “100 Famous Romanians Born in Moldova” produced by Flacara Film, directed by L. Dumbrevyanu and art directed by Doru Gutsu.

The host of the evening, Octavian Ursulescu, did a superb job at introducing the performers. The first guest of the evening was StefaniaTercu, a 12-year-old violinist from Iasi, who performed A Ballad for Violin with Orchestra along with the orchestra (from the “Birds of Our Youth” soundtrack based on a play by Ion Drutse, 1972).

Eugen Doga was greeted on stage by small children from the Cheia Sol music ensemble holding white roses. And then the ensemble performed the song Codrii Mei (My Beautiful Codri) with a lot of emotion.

Mari-Elena Predică, who is a student at the Botosani Art Lyceum endowed with a wonderful voice, performed the romance Lillies of the Valley Are in Bloomset to Veronica Micle’s verses.

Guest performers included soprano Alexandra Koman and tenors SorinLupu and Vitalie Advakhov (the latter from Moldova). The grand performance was accompanied by the Regal D’Art orchestra directed by the conductor Marius Hristescu.

Romances to poems by Mihai Eminescu ("Ochiul tău iubit", "De-aș avea", "O, rămâi", "Să țin încă o dată") and Veronica Micle ("De-aș putea numai o clipă", "Drag mi-ai fost", "Te știam numai din nume", "Din pulberea iubirii mele") were performed by soprano Alexandra Koman and tenor SorinLupu. These beautiful melodies were publically heard for the first time as these Eminescu poems had never been set to music before.

VitalieAdvakhov’s appearance on stage was met with applause. He performed the waltzes A Parisian Cascade from the film “Anna Pavlova” (1983, directed by Emil Loteanu) and Brooks from the film “Spring Olympics”.

The orchestra performed the famous waltz Gramophone and the equally famous waltz from the film “My Sweet and Tender Beast” based on A. Chekhov’s novel “A Hunting Accident” directed by Emil Loteanu in 1978.

It was a wonderful evening all throughout which one could hear the words “cosmic, unique, universal”… Eugen Doga is a man of his time, a genius respected by all.



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