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Eugen Doga’s Concert ‘Dialogues of Love’ in Tyumen. 1.08.2017

On August 1, 2017, Eugen Doga performed in his anniversary concert in Tyumen.

When Eugen Doga, People’s Artist of the USSR, came on stage of the crowded Neftyanik concert hall, the audience stood up and greeted the world famous composer with a storm of applause.

Eugen Doga came to Tyumen for the first time after a 20 year break. The composter started his performance by complementing the concert hall, the city and its residents: “You love your city so much. It has changed so drastically in these 20 years that it looks like a different city altogether!”

Doga’s music was performed by the Tyumen Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Evgeniy Shestakov, and the vocal ensemble Sunrise, art directed by Natalia Gultyaeva. The composer himself played the piano.

The audience heard music for films, waltzes and songs composed by Eugen Doga. Throughout the 50 years of his career as a composer, he has created music for over 200 films, among which as Lautari, My Sweet and Tender Beast, Anna Pavlova and Maria Mirabella. Music for Lautari, Gypsies Go to Heaven and Anna Pavlova brought him fame in Russia while music for My Sweet and Tender Beast brought him worldwide recognition.

Not far from Tyumen there is a town called Tobolsk, where composter Alexander Alyabiev, the author of a famous romance “The Nightingale” was born. This year is the 230th anniversary of Alyabiev’s birth and in honor of this event EguenDoga’s paraphrase of this romance for violin with orchestra was performed at the concert.

The two hours that the concert lasted flew by and in conclusion the composer spoke very highly of the orchestra’s performance.

The audience applauded Eugen Doga for a long time and some spectators and Moldovan diaspora representatives came on stage to greet him.

Doga plans to continue his collaboration with Tyumen Philharmonic Orchestra.

In the past Eugen Doga was a two time jury member of the International Festival of Cinema Debuts “The Spirit of Fire” in Khanty-Mansisk and also gave concerts there that were very popular with the audience. His music is remembered and loved by several generations. 


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