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Eugen Doga to give concerts in Causeni, Soroca and Hancesti. IRN. 18.09.2017

Eugen Doga will hold concerts in Causeni, Soroca and Hancesti on September 21, 22 and 23. These will be given in known renovated cultural facilities such as the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Church in Causeni town, the Soroca Fortress and the Historical-Architectural Complex “Manuc Bey” in Hancesti town, IPN reports.

In a news conference, Minister of Education, Culture and Research Monica Babuc said the concerts will be held to celebrate the 80th birthday of composer Eugen Doga. They form part of the program of activities dedicated to the European Heritage Days 2017 and are given within the campaign #FIIOASPETELENOSTRU (“Be our guest”).

“We want Eugen Doga’s music to be played not only in concert halls in Chisinau, but also closer to the nature of our county, which is so generous in September,” stated the minister.

Eugen Doga said that after he gives the three concerts in Causeni, Soroca and Hancesti, he will hold a concert in his native village Mocra in Rabnita village on October 4, together with the orchestra of Tiraspol. “I’m trying to reconcile the two banks of the Nistru in a different way, by music, and I think this is a very correct step,” stated the composer.

Director of the USAID Mission to Moldova Karen R. Hilliard said the three concerts that will be given on September 21, 22 and 23 mark the launch of a new cultural tourism campaign entitled #FIIOASPETELENOSTRU. “Master Eugen Doga started his ascent in the 1970s and has a lot of admirers both in Moldova and abroad. His music is present in over 200 movies and was the musical theme of two Olympic ceremonies. UNESCO recognized the waltz “My Sweet and Tender Beast” as the fourth musical masterpiece of the 20th century. The connection of the most beautiful music of Moldova with its three most famous historical sites is not a coincidence,” said Karen R. Hilliard, noting that the goal is to make the cultural heritage known.

The heads of the three districts said it is an honor for them to host the concerts of Eugen Doga and the locals are waiting impatiently for these events.


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