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Master Eugen Doga presented his new album "Mirror moments". TRM. 22.11.2015

A new meeting of soul music in the musical hall, inaugurated by the master Eugen Doga in his own house. The famous composer told TV “Moldova 1” that in the future his house will be turned into a museum. During the event, exceptional musical creations echoed, TRM.MD learned from TV “Moldova 1”.
If at the previous meeting of the music salon there sounded very popular songs, ballads, operas, this time, for the meeting with admirers of his creation, Eugen Doga has chosen another kind of music.

"So far, neither at big concerts, nor in the musical hall I have presented academic music. Today, I proposed two quartets. We tested how the public will appreciate Doga in other jobs," confessed the master Eugen Doga.

"Mr. Doga is a legend. For us, his music is a miracle," said violinist Svetlana Vrabie.

"We live very nervous moments, for the first time we have performed in his house. We have tried, we repeated to be at the level of craftsmanship," said another violinist, Ludmila Bulat.

Eugen Doga’s invitees also lived joy of enjoying quality music, but also to communicate directly with the greatest composer, the place where works of art are born.

It is a great happiness that we can meet the master, with his music that inspires us, gives us life, makes us better, admirers say.

"He really raised us to the level of understanding how should be a capital. Behold, Doga elevated us to the level of European capital," said director Ion Ungureanu.

What holds Doga is something special. He convenes the people to enjoy his great music. There is no other Doga in the world and there is no music like Doga’s," said the academician Gheorghe Duca.

Eugen Doga was awarded the highest distinctions, he is declared Man of the 20th Century. A planet, but also a pedestrian street in the capital bear his name. "Imagine that it will be forbidden to applaud during the concert and applaud the artist when he dies. This is dumb. For that I want to enjoy this room today which will be a museum. I do not doubt that. I want to enjoy life as long as I am alive, how the public appreciates me, and to wait for another day," confessed Eugen Doga.

In the show, Eugen Doga presented his new album, titled "Mirror Moments" released in Romania. In early December, the master will participate in the presentation of the film "Anna Pavlova", realized by late director Emil Loteanu, at the festival of films about ballet in Vienna, Austria. He will then go to Galati, Romania, at the Opera, where it is mounted the opera "Dialogues of Love", very dear to composer, inspired by the great love of Mihai Eminescu and Veronica Micle.


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