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When death overpowers love: The anti-Valentine’s Day movie list. Scroll.in. 14.02.2017

Can love be considered to have triumphed when the lovers die at the end? Eleven films from India and elsewhere attempt to answer the question.


Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven (1975)

A volatile tragedy from the former Soviet Union. Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven has been directed by Emil Loteanue, who based the movie on several short stories by Maxim Gorky. Proud horse thief Loiko Grigore Grigoriu) falls in love with free-spirited Rada (Svetlana Toma), but she refuses to be easily tamed. Loiko’s jealousy overpowers his love. One of the biggest hits of the Soviet era, the movie is also known for Eugen Doga’s soundtrack.






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