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Master Eugen Doga marks his 77th anniversary. TRM. 1.03.2014

Composer Eugen Doga marks 77 years old today. His contribution to the Republic of Moldova’ culture is huge. Eugen Doga was born on March 1, in village Mocra, on the left bank of Nistru river and he was elected member of the Moldova Science Academy in 1992.
Eugen Doga studied at the music School  ”Ștefan Neaga” from Chisinau and later on continued his studies at the State Conservatory and at the Art Institute „Gavriil Muzicescu” from Chisinau.

The composer started his career as musician when he was a student. He made his debut at the cinema studio „Moldova-Film” in 1967 and wrote music for the comedy „We are looking for a guard”. He wrote music to over 200 movies: „Nunta la palat” (“Wedding at palace”), „Singur în fata dragostei” ("Alone in Front of Love"), „Lautarii” (“The fiddlers”), „Satra” (“The Gypsy Camp”), „Gingasa si tandra mea fiară” (“My Sweet and Tender Beast”), „Anna Pavlova”, „The Bed of Procustes”.

Master Eugen Doga wrote the music for the serial „Guguta”, movies „Capra cu trei iezi” (“The nanny-goat with 3 kids”), „Maria Mirabela”. As well, he wrote music for many ballet performances,  „Luceafarul” (“The evening Star”). Eugen Doga is the author of the anthem of Chisinau.

Composer Eugen Doga was awarded state distinctions of the Republic of Moldova. Eugen Doga owns awards "Republic of Moldova" and „Star of Romania”. Since 2007, Eugen Doga is Honourable Citizen of municipality Chisinau.


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