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Opera Națională Română Cluj-Napoca

15 JANUARY 2019, ORA 12:00


The Songs and Poems Recital marks both the birthday of our national poet – Mihai Eminescu (1850-1889) and the cellebration of the National Cultural Day. Featuring a songs repertoire belonging to the renowned composer Eugen Doga, based mainly on Veronica Micle’s (the ,,Romanian Poetry’s Lucifer’s” lover) verses, the two vocal soloists and the accompanying pianists will leave behind the Romanian National Opera in Cluj-Napoca’s stage in order to wrap the foyer with lyrical sonorities that will delight your hearing.

Marea Lojă Națională din România

Opera Națională Română Cluj-Napoca

GALA EUGEN DOGA. 7.09.2018, 19-00. 

Orchestra Operei Națională Română Cluj-Napoca. Dirijor Adrian Morar.


Nadejda Cerchez

Iulia Merca

Andrei Manea

Florin Estefan

Vlad Baciu

Giancarlo Palena

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