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The film My Sweet and Tender Beast and the legendary waltz turn 40. 31.07.2018

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                                                                                                                                                                                   My creative work is literally woven from the impressions of endless meetings and
conversations with people. It is always important to feel that there people behind you.
 If you are a composer, then every note and every sound you created 
should be meaningful and must not sound false.
Eugen Doga

You may become well-known, famous and even a "celebrity", but it's difficult to keep people interested in your personality and your creative work, which is the most important. The variety of genres and ideas, an ability to discover new things in the familiar - all this, combined with the continuous creative search, determines the figure of the most famous composer in Moldova - Eugen Doga. Such a "sunny" composer as Doga could not but appear in Moldova - a Moldovan Mozart with Hollywood dimension…

"Is there anything that can compare to the ardent heart of a child who absorbs, takes in everything that floats around him? Only the divine flow of sounds called MUSIC! On the wings of music, you can fly around the whole world in an instant; you can, like in fairy tales, be in dozens of places at once. Music is understood even by creatures that do not know human language.

Allow me to clarify the reason for the enthusiasm of the above said: Three days ago you were at the Winter Games in Salt Lake City where, on a blue skating rink, Sasha Cohen, representing the United States, plastically expressed your waltz from the film ‘My Sweet and Tender Beast’, her performance accompanied by a shower of applause, a storm of ovation. Simultaneously, on TV, a group of horses danced to the same waltz and, on the way to a Moscow TV studio where I was supposed to give an interview about you, I was welcomed by the music of your waltz in the hall of the Metro. After the interview, while waiting for a car, I mechanically turned on the TV. There was a program on called ‘The Moment of Truth’ and in the background the same famous sounds of your waltz could be heard!

My conclusion is certain: A child that came from the banks of the Dniester river has become a world-famous composer. Even the great magician David Copperfield is not able to win over so many hearts at the same time, not to mention the animal world: wolves, dogs and horses in our films are the most loyal listeners of your music!

If only people knew about your round-the-clock Sisyphean labor, about the burning of your soul, they would, even in their sleep, make the sign of the cross seven times; and women would go to church to light a candle in front of miraculous icons, asking the Lord to give you His personal blessing and patronage!

Your musical mountain rises higher than the ranges of Everest and touches with its peak the starry dome of heavens. This gold, platinum and diamond mountain is made of all the music genres that you wrote in: from songs to symphonies, from ballet to opera, from oratorio to film soundtracks. Does Moldova even realize how rich it is thanks to this genius child who came from Mocra village to the world of music, wearing his only shirt and boots with holes in their soles, in order to conquer the world of music and triumph?! This person, composer Evgeniy Doga, went through death on stage during a concert and the audience rushed to his rescue and saved him. That was a beautiful episode worthy of the pages of the Bible, because love of beauty and the blessed power of music are above death".

Emil Loteanu

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