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I like the name I was given, I like the surname DOGA, which has a classical Latin root (“doga” in Latin means an oak species or a decoration on the clothes of the nobility), and even the fact of my coming to this earth in time. I was born on the first day of spring, 1937, under the sign of the sun, warmth and rebirth.

Eugen Doga 

Eugen Doga was born on March 1, 1937 at the dawn of the ritual festival of Mărțișor in the village of Mocra, Rîbniţa district, situated on the left bank of the Dniester, in picturesque northeastern Moldova. 

Doga’s native village is located in a valley with a small unnamed creek flowing in the middle of it; there are famous codri over the hill – woods with huge oaks, maples, ash-trees and other vegetation, which has remained as a vibrant and delightful memory, because this is one of the first life discoveries of a fragile young soul. And who knows – where do the creative rethinking of the first contact with nature begin, which can constantly revive, surprise and attach all that lives and has a mind. 

Little Jenya liked walking with his mates in spring-time and gathering sorrel, since in hungry and cold postwar times it was a basic food along with a variety of berries. Occasionally there were mushrooms served at table, roasted in sunflower oil in a round pot by Jenya’s mother.

He also remembers a folk music orchestra - taraf - from somewhere, and a symphony orchestra from Chisinau. A whole incident happened to it. The stage of the old country club was small, and the club itself was merely a name. This large symphony orchestra was located on the stage but most of it, including huge violins – outside, in the street. Only later Jenya learnt that these were not violins, but contrabasses. They were playing something for a long time and someone in front of them was always threatening them with a stick. It was very interesting: how was it possible to play for such a long time with no one dancing! 

Curious children would sneak up on these violins and touch them with their hands. The violins seemed to be something from another world. Jenya, who had just graduated from a rural seven-year school, soon had to rediscover this "another" world.








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