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Music for children

If I asked God for anything,
I would ask Him to give me back my childhood.
 But a short time after, I thought,
you don’t need to be nostalgic about childhood.
You just have to be a child.
 For life.

Eugen Doga

Eugen Doga is the author of various kinds of music. He wrote ballets, music for more than 200 films, quartets, music for the 1980 Olympic Games, songs and art songs. But the care about the younger generation has a special place in the composer’s works and public activities. 

In 1962-1963, E.Doga taught at one of Chisinau's music schools, and in 1963-1967 he taught the theory of music at Chisinau’s Academy of Music.
Since 1997, over 5 years Eugen Doga was working with preschool-age children in the house which he was living in. They performed in the children's television programmes, in the Hall of Columns, the House of Journalists, the House of Composers, in the concerts of the composer. Since 2001, Eugene Doga is the constant chairman of the jury of the All-Russian Movement «Gifted Children of Russia». Eugen Dmitrievich Doga was awarded the Order of the Ruby Cross “Sacred Power” for many years of selfless work in the development of the talents of Russian children.

Throughout all his creative activity Eugen Doga was creating new contemporary music for children. His compositions for violin, piano, and children’s chorus were written especially for children and enter young performers into the world of contemporary music. The composer cares about these works are understood by and accessible to children. In these works, he carefully and sensitively comes to children's perception of life, pictures a children’s world with its sincerity and purity. Music for children by Eugen Doga is a new educational material, and at the same time it features clarity, simplicity and beauty of the melodies. It is interesting and accessible to young musicians as well as it can be played by children in lower forms of music schools and in higher forms. By this way the music enters into the life of the young person in order to accompany him/her throughout his/her life so that the art will become his/her spiritual support. 

To this day children often perform in the concerts of Eugen Doga. They like music of the maestro. “I think the music of Doga is ideal for children – when you play it, it is clear what you are playing and what you are playing about”, said a young participant of the concert-portrait of Eugen Doga in Khabarovsk. 

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