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About composer

I see creativity as non-figurative,
inexplicable amorousness.
It’s like a fleeting stir of warm wind
in a stream of cold air.

Eugen Doga

"In the Mirror of Moments". Elena Shatokhina. Publishing house "Timpul", 1989. 

Eugen Doga is the author of a huge number of works. Songs and ballads, ballets and operas, music for films and stage plays, choirs and quartets – he has a hold on all of this.

As well as on any national styles - Moldovan, Gipsy, Polish, Russian, Yugoslavian, Latin American, Afghan, Ukrainian, Chinese music...

The alchemy of the birth of his music is a research of the history and culture of different nations, many hours spent in the musical archives, meetings with people, travels and concerts, a keen interest in everyone and everything around. All this is mysteriously melted into the melodies and harmonies, capturing the hearts of millions of people.

He created his own world in music - gentle in songs, large scaled in ballets, and very different in different works. National flavor and stereo sound, enchanting transparent melodies and theatrical brightness, intense excitement and deep thoughts, sparkling patterns of Bessarabian dance motifs and furious temper of fiery Latin rhythms, Russian playfulness and oriental zest, Roman passion and languor - all of this is the musical universe of Eugen Doga.

His beautiful melodies of incomparable purity and clarity, as if floating in the air, shed their silver light on the horizon of the spiritual world of the humans, healing the soul and giving it the wings to fly.

With his music Eugen Doga has fascinated millions of people around the world and goes on fascinating nowadays.



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