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2017 - «Eugen Doga Year» in Moldova. 


Government to support cultural events celebrating master Eugen Doga in 2017. Publica. 25.01.2017

Сelebrating Eugen Doga’s 80th birthday. Government of the Republic of Moldova. 21.01.2017 21.01.2017

The Cabinet of Ministers affirmed the governmental decision regarding Eugen Doga’s 80th birthday celebration events prepared by the Ministry of Culture. Ministry of Culture.  25.01.2017

NATIONAL PROGRAM Of cultural events dedicated to Eugen Doga’s 80th birthday jubilee - download

On March 1, 2017 Eugen Doga celebrates his 80th birthday.

Thank-you notes (Russian, Romanian)

Eugen Doga to give concerts in Causeni, Soroca and Hancesti. IRN. 18.09.2017



A concert in Vienna dedicated to Eminescu.   15.06.2018 

Personal concert at the Alexander Shilov Gallery. 6.04.2018

National Bank of Moldova issued a commemorative coin dedicated to Eugen Doga. 23.03.2018

Eugen Doga Music Cafe opening. 3.03.2018

A day of lovers, love and dreams with Eugen Doga. 24.02.2018

Presentation of Eterna, an 11 CD collection of music by Eugen Doga. 17.01.2018

Concert in the city of Székesfehérvár, Hungary. 1.01.2018

Concert. St. Petersburg. 26.12.2017

Music of My Soul Festival, dedicated to the anniversary of Eugene Doga. 03.12.2017

Children Perform Doga. 10.11.2017

Anniversary concert at Tomsk Philharmonic. 25.10.2017. 

Eugen Doga gave a concert in Rybnitsa. 13.10.2017

On October 10, 2017, Eugen Doga's anniversary concert took place at Oradea Philharmonic (Romania). 10.10.2017

Open-air concert at the Green Theater. 1.10.2017.

Concert at the historic architectural complex Manuc-Bei, Moldova. 23.9.2017

Concert at the medieval Soroca Fort. (Soroca, Moldova). 22.09.2017

Concert in Causeni.  Architectural heritage site Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.  21.09.2017

Concert at the Craiova Philharmonic „Oltenia”, Romania. 12.09.2017

Open Air Concert in Mimi Castle. 20.08.2017

It is for the first time that pieces set to M. Eminescu and V. Micle’s poetry are published. 10.08.2017

Eugen Doga’s Concert ‘Dialogues of Love’ in Tyumen. 1.08.2017 

Concert "Waltzes of the Century". Alba Iulia (Romania). 24.06.2017

A celebration of Eugen Doga’s birthday took place at the Kremlin Palace. 03.06.2017

Eugen Doga: “I am delighted to be here, on this historical stage, because here sounded the voices of our classics: Eminescu, Micle…” 19.05.2017

Eugen Doga. The “Dialogues of Love” concert in Botosani. 17.06.2017

Premier attends anniversary concert of famous Moldovan composer. MOLDPRES. 8.05.2017

International Scientific Conference. Academy of Sciences of Moldova. 05.05.2017

Gala concert. Ateneul Roman, Bucharest, Romania. 26.04.2017

“Dialogues of love” between Eminescu and Micle put on notes by master Doga. IPN. 20.04.2017

Composer Eugen Doga became an honorary member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts.  03.06.2017.

Сelebration for the lovers of music took place at the Music Salon in Bucharest in honor of the release of Eugen Doga’s latest CD “Great Successes”. 28.01.2017

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