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13 January 2015 | 08:57 Eugen Doga preparing a new musical-literary bee

Eminescu poetic universe is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the master Eugen Doga. The first event that he will hold in his musical show this year is scheduled for January 15, the day we mark 165 years since the birth of the Romanian poetry genius. His creations will be interpreted by students from the schools of music, opera singers, the band Akord, according to TV “Moldova 1”.
At the beginning of the year, Eugen Doga hopes that the upcoming opera "Dialogues of Love" will ultimately find supporters. "There have been a number of ballads and arias that will be part of the future work. I think that I shall find a man who will support me to achieve this beautiful ideas for spiritual awakening in the middle of this numbness where we are," says the composer.

Eugen Doga was 20-years-old when he discovered the work of Eminescu. The first book, he says, it was given to him by Professor Alexandru Misov, father of singer Ludmila Misov. Another turning point was the collaboration with Emil Loteanu at the ballet "Morning Star". Although Loteanu and Doga were tied by a spiritual friendship, hardly they had said each other words of praise. The composer only now discovered an article, where the late director said "Eugen Doga, child on the bank of Nistru has become a planetary composer". After the ballet "Morning Star", Eugen Doga has composed several romances with lyrics of Eminescu.

On June 15, on the day of passing into eternity of the poet, Eugen Doga would like to invite soloists from Iasi to sing "Dialogues of Love". "Not because there are better singers, it is symbolic. There, in Iasi, it was the first output of Eminescu in the world, there Veronica was, there, it was the historic capital of Moldova. I am a symbolist. For me the attraction point is Eminescu work,"says Eugen Doga.

Creations inspired from Eminescu work would resonate at all concerts that will support this year Eugen Doga. The first will be on January 25 in Permi.

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