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16 January 2015 | 15:02 Mihai Eminescu's poems and romances sounded in the music saloon "Eugen Doga"

Mihai Eminescu's work continues to inspire composers, poets, artists and is a reference in the creation of master Eugen Doga, who invited his friends in a music saloon in his house, on the National Culture Day, marked on the same day with the birthday of the poet Eminescu.

"I feel so happy when I sit at the piano with Eminescu's poetry. Let us celebrate this day not only as Eminescu's birthday, it is our national day, day of national spirit and I wish you to feel good in the world of Eminescu ", said Eugen Doga.

Guests of the composer felt like in saloons of the last century. "Mihai Eminescu's poetry combined with Doga's divine music, so loved by us, is a beautiful tradition of the past, we are happy", says Monica Babuc, acting Minister of Culture.

"It's a single saloon in this space and I think that in Europe, where they listen to music, poetry is recited. Perhaps in a room like this Eminescu recited, when he was invited to Veronica Micle's house and Eugen Doga managed to gather together these two great artists - Eminescu and Micle", says Nicolae Dabija, poet.

The saloon was attended by soloists and the quartet of the National Opera, theater actors and students from music schools in the capital.

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