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Anniversary concert at Tomsk Philharmonic. 25.10.2017

On October 15, 2017, Tomsk Philharmonic hosted Eugen Doga’s anniversary concert.

The concert featured Tomsk Academic Symphonic Orchestra under the direction of Yaroslav Tkalenko, Tomsk Region Children's Choir, and the soloists of the Tomsk Philharmonic Ekaterina Clemens, Irina Makarova, Yuliya Shinkevich, Yevgeny Shteinmiller, and Vyacheslav Klimenko.

The Maestro flew in to Tomsk from the Moldovan town of Rybnitsa, his hometown, where he had also celebrated his anniversary.

When Eugen Doga came out on stage, the thousand-person audience rose to greet the composer.

The concert began with music from Venancia, a ballet based on Latin American folklore, which he had recorded while traveling around Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina.

The program was composed of instrumental and vocal pieceswhichdemonstratedthe composer’s wide creative range. Among them were songs and instrumental pieces made for films. The films in which they appeared have long disappeared from the screen but the music lives on!

Instrumental pieces gave the opportunity to present not only the symphony orchestra, conducted byYaroslav Tkalenko, but also the solo musicians. The piano solo was performed by Eugen Doga himself, the accordion solo in ‘Paris Cascade’ (from Anna Pavlova) was performed by Igor Mudrin, and the trumpet solo in ‘Eterna’ was brilliantly performed by Mikhail Struganov. Evgeni Nekrasov’s flute solo sounded in several pieces as well.

“The audience here is so warm and receptive– I practically invited myself to Tomsk!” said Eugen Doga at the end of the concert addressing the audience.

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