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Concert in Causeni. Architectural heritage site Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. 22.09.2017

On September 21, 2017, Eugen Doga met with his admirers in the church’s courtyard in Causeni during a concert organized as part of Eugen Doga Year and European Cultural Heritage Days 2017.

Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin is a listed heritage site adorned with wall frescoes. It is one of the most revered and ancient art relics of Moldova, surrounded by legends. The church is thought to have been built around 15th or early 18th century. The monument is currently being restored.

Eugen Doga was received with bread and salt, flowers and applause.

“We would like to express our reverence for the work of Maestro Eugen Doga who turned 80. We are especially glad that the commencement of European Cultural Heritage Days is connected with Doga’s music,” stated Minister of Culture Monica Babuk.

Eugen Doga’s most famous pieces were performed: ‘Intermezzo’, ‘Sonnet’, romances set to poetry by the beacon of Romanian literature Mihai Eminescu and poetess Veronica Micle, songs such as ‘In the Mirror of Moments’, ‘Moldovan Codri’, waltzes and, of course, the famous waltz from the movie My Sweet and Tender Beast. They were performed by soloists Anna Chernikova, Mariana Bulikanu, Tania Cherga, DumitruMytsu, VitalieAdvakhov and the Accord group, accompanied by the symphonic orchestra of Maria Bieshu National Opera and Ballet Theater, conducted by DumitruKyrchumaru.

The concert gathered hundreds of spectators who received the performances with delight.

“It’s our first time at an open-air concert like this, awesome! The children really enjoyed it.” 

“Thank you, I haven’t been to a concert like this for a while.”

Besides the locals, people from other villages and cities attended as well.

“We came from Chitcani, Sloboziiski region, and we are very impressed by the concert that took place.” 

And this woman came from Parkaniviallage, not far from Tiraspol: “I love Eugen Doga; I don’t think anybody is capable of not loving him. I wish him many years to come because his music is wonderful.”

Maestro says that he picks up music left behind by God.

“I try to meet with my audience more often. The secret is not for me; it’s somewhere out there, that’s why I simply decipher this music – I do not compose it, I write it down,” noted composer Eugen Doga.

The concert was organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research in partnership with the U.S. International Development Agency and Moldovan Wine and Winemaking Agency, government of Sweden and Causeni local government. The event was attended by VP Minister of Education, Culture and Research and U.S. Ambassador James Pettit.

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