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The Cabinet of Ministers affirmed the governmental decision regarding Eugen Doga’s 80th birthday celebration events prepared by the Ministry of Culture. Ministry of Culture. 25.01.2017

Today, on January 25, the Cabinet of Ministers affirmed the governmental decision regarding Eugen Doga’s 80th birthday celebration events prepared by the Ministry of Culture.

At the meeting, Minister of Culture Monica Babuk reported that Eugen Doga is one of the symbolic figures of national culture, therefore the decision to affirm the project would contribute to the development of Maestro’s creative work. The government official stated that as per Maestro Eugen Doga’s great contribution to the development and promotion of the Republic’s image world-wide, the Ministry of Culture deems it necessary to organize a series of cultural events throughout this year to celebrate the 80th birthday of an outstanding person, a cultural figure and composer Eugen Doga, a People’s Artist, Laureate of the State Prize, Cavalier of the Order of the Republic and academician.

Among these events we would like to highlight the anniversary concert, the staging of the ballet “Lucheaferul”, and the chamber concerts as well as Gala concerts in our country’s cities with the participation of Maestro Eugen Doga.

In 2017 Maestro Eugen Doga will celebrate his 80th birthday.

Eugen Doga was born on March 1st, 1937 in the village of Mokra, Rybnitsa. He studied violoncello at the Musical College of Kishinev (1951-1955) under P.I. Bacini, then at the Kishinev State Conservatory (1955-1960) under professor G. S. Khohlov and composition under professor Solomon Lobel at the Art Institute ‘Gabriel Muzichescu’ in Kishinev (1960-1965).

It is for his composition work that Eugen Doga has become world famous. He has authored a series of cantatas such as “White Rainbow”, “Spring of Humanity”, “Human Voice”; symphonic poems such as “The Heart of the Century” and “Be Proud, Moldova.” He has composed a symphony, instrumental chamber pieces, a symphonic poem entitled “Mom”, a series for an orchestra “Giant March”, 6 string quartets, popular songs (“My Beautiful Forests”, “A Song about My City”, “I Believe in Your Eyes”, “Flowers of Love”, “Love, Love”, “I dreamt of the Sound of the Rain” and others) and songs for children (“A Hymn to the Sun”, “Let There Be Sun”, “Father Frost”, etc.).

Eugen Doga demonstrated excellence as a composer in the field of music for cinema, having become one of the most famous cinema composers in the post-Soviet space. His debut took place at the Moldova-Film studio in 1967 when he wrote music for the comedy “Gatekeeper Needed”. He has composed music for over 200 films, among which are “Alone in front of Love”, “Ten Winters in One Summer”, “Home for Serafim”, “On the Murom Trail”, “The Lautari”, “Gypsies Go to Heaven”, “My Sweet and Tender Beast”, “Anna Pavlova”, “Mercedes Escapes from Pursuit”, “The Bed of Procrustes” and others.

He greatly contributed to the development of animated films through composing the soundtrack for the cartoon “A Goat and Three Goatlings”, “Maria Mirabela” and the series “Gugutse.” He also composed music for theater plays: “RaduShtefan, the First and the Last”, “On a Plot of Native Land”, “Live is Beautiful”, “The Birds of Our Youth”, “Sancta Sanctorum”, the musical “The Iasi Carnival”, “Kiritsa in the Province”, ballets “Luceafărul” and “Venancia” and the opera “Dialogues of Love.”

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