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A day of lovers, love and dreams with Eugen Doga. 24.02.2018

On February 24,the holiday of Dragobete is celebrated in Moldova and Romania. This image existed even among the ancient Dacians and was considered a symbol of pure love. In ancient times, it was believed that on the day of Dragobete, spring begins, nature awakens and birds betroth, while humans should partake in universal joy.

It was believed that on this day Dragobete kissed girls.Young people met, and if a young man kissed a girl in front of everybody, they were considered to be engaged. In Moldova and Romania this holiday is equivalent to St. Valentine's Day.

On this romantic spring day,an evening of romance took place at the Organ Hall of Chisinau. This concert completed the Year of Eugen Doga, which had been established by the Government of Moldova in honor of the renowned composer’s 80th anniversary.

The event was organized in Chisinauby the Organ Hall and the Romanian Institute of Culture named after Mihai Eminescu.

The show featured the recently released ETERNA collection comprised of 11 CDs containing music by Eugen Doga.

The event was held with the support of Ambassador Iuliana Gorea-Costin, Larisa Zubcu, Director of the Organ Hall of Chisinau, and Valeriu Matei, Director of the Romanian Institute of Culture, and featured performances by famous artists.

Academician Valeriu Matei congratulated the Maestro on behalf of the institute and also wished him inspiration and success.

“When we talk about Eugen Doga, we are talking about home, family, the breath of spring, and joy. Let's live, Maestro! Thank you for your love,” said Ambassador Iuliana Gorea-Costin.

Mrs. Iuliana Costin indicated that the CD collection "Eterna", Issue 1, was published in Bucharest thanks to the support of the High Representative for Moldova and the Strategy Department of the Government of Romania.

The concert featured Eugen Doga's romances based onpoetry by Mihai Eminescu, Veronica Mikle, Grigor Vier, Anatoly Ciocanu, and Ion Podolyan. They were performed by famous soloists: Ana Chernikova, Ion Timofti, Ana Moraru, Christina Scarlat, Alexander Manciu, as well as Children's Choir Voices of Spring and National Chamber Choir conducted by Ilona Stepan. The soloists were accompanied by the National Chamber Orchestra of the Organ Hall conducted by Christian Flor.

The famous "Hora of Friendship" was performed by both choirs with the participation of the spectators, who were so enthusiastic that they joined the artists. And then, on this Day of Love, a young man came onto the stage to ask for the hand of his beloved! And their union was blessed by Maestro Eugen Doga! After that, all the performers, together with the audience, sang "Many Years to Come" for the young couple!

To conclude the evening, Maestro Eugen Doga congratulated the audience on the holiday of love: “Each of us believes that life is infinite, and it is important to keep this belief. A person lives to create perfection.” He also expressed gratitude to the Romanian Institute of Culture, Mrs. Iuliana Gorea-Costin, who has always been his reliable assistant in all undertakings both in the Republic of Moldova and Romania, and the National Chamber Orchestra led by Christian Flor, along with all the performers.

“What happened today in this crowded hall, where everyone stood applauding for several minutes in a row, demonstrates that we all need Eugen Doga’s music, which exalts us, touches our soul, makes us feel one of the most beautiful mysteries of the human soul, –this first trembling of love,” said Ms. Iuliana Gorea-Costin at the end of the show.

During the year, composer Eugen Doga performed more than 50 concerts in the Republic of Moldova, Romania, and the Russian Federation. One of the concerts he considers particularly important was held on January 1, 2018, in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, where his father, Dumitru Doga,was buried in 1945, having passed awaya few months before the end of World War II.


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