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Eugen Doga: “I am delighted to be here, on this historical stage, because here sounded the voices of our classics: Eminescu, Micle…” 05.19. 2017

This year was declared the year of Eugen Doga.  And this year our national and universal composer Eugen Doga finally came back to the home of Mihai Eminescu, Ion Creanga and Veronica Micle. On May 13, he gave an extraordinary concert, dedicated to his 80th birthday anniversary, at the most beautiful hall of the Vasile Alexandri National Theater, in the city of Iasi, the historical capital of Moldova.

Shortly before that, he had won the hearts of the lovers of everything beautiful and majestic in Botosani, where he had given a similar concert. And in Iasi he offered the public a celebratory concert, Dialogues of Love, based on poetry by Mihai Eminescu and Veronica Micle, with the participation of Regal D’Art symphonic orchestra directed by the conductor Marius Hristesku and the famous Bucharest host Octavian Urulescu. 

Having come to Eminescu's town the year of his 80th birthday, Maestro Eugen Doga conquered the sophisticated audience, who thanked him with long applause and ovation.

"Today, the stage for me is great happiness, a necessity, a part of my life. I always go on stage as if to meet with the dearest people, with my fans, with my new friends. I'm happy to be here on this stage because this is a historic stage for all of us, because here I hear the voices of our classics: Eminescu, Micle, Creanga, Caragiale... How many celebrities and treasures of art have been on this stage! They created this spirit, this spiritual treasure that we inherited and are trying to preserve because it makes us more noble, more beautiful, happier, I would say, more zealous, more in love with life," replied Maestro Eugen Doga to the ceaseless applause of the audience.

The audience was invited to the lobby of the theater, where they could witness a performance of the famous waltz from "My Sweet and Tender beast", one of the best-known musical works of the 20th century.

And then there was an endless autograph and photo session with the Maestro. People were smiling, and he was happy, because for the artist Eugen Doga that is the biggest reward; all his life he has created his works with the belief that the most important thing is the audience's trust and love. 



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