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It is for the first time that pieces set to M. Eminescu and V. Micle’s poetry are published. 15.08.2017

Cartier publishing house (Chisinau) released two volumes of the compilation “Dialogues of Love” (Dialogurile dragostei) – works created based on Mihai Eminescu and Veronica Micle’s verse, inspired by the dramatic love story of these two poets. The sheet music for these works has been published for the first time.

The compilation includes 54 camera and vocal-symphonic compositions: romances, arias, duets, songs for voice and piano. The originals were recorded for voice accompanied by a symphonic orchestra and some of them – a choir.

A lot of Eugen Doga’s work is connected with the Romanian literary genius Mihai Eminescu. To his verse he composed the a capella choir pieces “Masts” (Catargele) and “Desire” (Dorinţa), six song for voice, women’s and children’s choir and orchestra, a cycle of romances, and "Luceafarul" - the romantic ballet about the love of a princess and the son of Sun.

“I don’t think I will be original if I say that Eminescu holds a significant place in my compositions. It would be like stating that I speak, breathe, see and hear. He is part of me. And I’m not exaggerating. Perhaps, I am one of the millions of invisible strings of an immense world created by such talent as Eminescu, and which I dared to approach… ” writes the composer.

In 1996 Eugen Doga was presented with Veronica Micle’s poetry compilation "Dor nemângâiat" (Inconsolable Grief ), and he was so inspired by her poems and the poets’ love story that he composed a whole cycle of pieces to her verse. “Veronica Micle’s poetry, as I see it, was written specially for music,” says Doga. “I discovered them for myself as if they were a whole new world, an unexplored continent; I wrote one romance after another with enthusiasm, without stopping. I became so absorbed in Veronica Micle’s world of images that at one point it was difficult for me to compose music to Mihai Eminescu’s verse – until I realized that it is a dialogue between one person and another, a person with the same poetic power, same vital strength.”

These works have been performed in concert many times and have been recorded for the Teleradio Moldova gold collection. The composer continues to create music to Eminescu and Micle’s poetry and is currently conceiving a music and drama show through which the love story of the two poets will be presented. 

Book 1

Book 2 


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