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19 January 2014 | 15:50 Eugen Doga inaugurated the Music Saloon that carries his name

After 10 years, the dream of the composer academician Eugen Doga came true to inaugurate the Music Saloon that carries his name. His friends were invited to his house in the first get together dedicated to great poet Mihai Eminescu.
Wearing an old folk costume from Bucovina, Eugen Doga said that he is finally happy because he can meet his friends in a large room and listen to music. “I would like to invite all people because all of us are separated and spirit can approach us ", said the master.

According to the composer, the Saloon will function periodically, many valuable singers, colleagues and admirers of music art will be invited.
Many artists were invited to this event. The opera singer Mariana Bulicanu, declared for Mesager that music is created in this saloon, we sing and this is a miracle.  

Member of the band Akord, Igor Stribițchi said that it is beautiful to be together with the great composer. It is a dream that came true, said the singer.
The meeting at Eugen Doga s place will not be planned; the composer said that will organize such spiritual reunions at the call of the heart. 


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