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Fund “Dominanta”

Music brings people together, music erases all boundaries, music gives birth to the good ...
Eugen Doga


The International Fund “Dominanta” was founded in 2012.
The president is the world-famous composer, social figure Eugen Doga.
The Fund pursues exclusively charitable aims. It is the non-profit organisation that implements projects in the fields of art and education.
What has been this fund established for?
"I wish people, wherever they may be, whatever blood group they may be of, always look one another in the eyes, because it is the best contact of the good with the good, the best microscope, which penetrates to the depths of the soul. But it should be taught. It should be cultivated. To teach and to cultivate from childhood”, – Eugen Doga.

The main mission of art is to cultivate in the human the spiritual and moral principles, preserve the values ​​that the world lives and all living things that make it out. 

Spiritual and moral principles are instilled from childhood. Art should be accessible to every child, every person. Art teaches people to think in a large generalized way, to get ahead and to soar to the universal heights whence we can see more clearly our earth everyday life as well as our world so difficult and so close, because we ourselves are made out of it. This is the investment in the humans, the investment in their future. Development of each of us is our main goal. If everyone became perfect, we would live in a perfect world.
The Fund is designed to facilitate the implementation of the composer’s creative and spiritual principles which lie at the heart of the goals of this Fund.

Goals and Objectives 

Collecting and systematising the creative heritage of Eugen Doga
Studying the author's oeuvre by experts in the field of musicology, as well as by the students of universities and students of music colleges
The preservation and development of cultural values
Strengthening and development of domestic and international contacts and cooperation in the fields of musical art, theater, cinema, folklore
Maintaining creative relationships with publishing centers, performing groups, producers' agencies , as well as the copyright agencies
Participating in various creative projects, as well as cooperation with state and public cultural organizations
Providing support to talented young people, assistance in the development of musical and aesthetic education of children
Participating in implementation of projects with government institutions 


Mihai Eminescu and Veronica Micle in the works by Eugen Doga
Holding of creative meetings with the composer, concert-portraits and master classes
Production of ballets and other concert and stage works by Eugen Doga
Systematisation of the note archive, the creation of a full catalog of works, the publication of notes
Record of works by Eugen Doga and their publication in electronic media
Creation of a directory of audio and video materials

For the successful implementation of its programs, the Found is looking to cooperate with: 
• Partners, patrons
• Information partners
• Culture organisations, theaters, philharmonics, concert organisations, publishing offices
• Non-profit organisations
• Volunteers
• Education establishments
The Fund is ready to accept proposals for new projects in accordance with the goals and objectives of the Fund.

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