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Concert at the medieval Soroca Fort. 22.09.2017

On September 22, 2017, Eugen Doga gave a concert in Moldova at the 15th century fort in Soroca which has recently been reopened after restoration. The Soroca Fort was built by one of the most outstanding rulers of Moldovan principality Stephen the Great at the end of the 15th century and is a unique monument of Moldovan medieval defense architecture. Doga’s concert on Fort’s territory was part of the program dedicated to European Heritage Days 2017 and Eugen Doga Year in Moldova.

Eugen Doga returned to the city of Soroca after ten years of absence. The concert was supposed to be held on Soroca Fort’s premises but due to rain the plan had to be changed, and the concert took place at the House of Culture with great success.

To start the concert, Eugen Doga came onto the stage and performed his most famous pieces on the piano. Next, soloists from the National Opera and Ballet Theater performed Maestro’s famous songs and vocal pieces set to the poetry of the Romanian literary genius Mihai Eminescu and his beloved, poetess Veronica Micle. The performance was accompanied by the symphonic orchestra of the National Opera and Ballet Theater conducted by Dimitru Kyrchumaru.

The audience received each performance that sounded from the stage with applause and applauded especially warmly when Eugen Doga himself performed the waltz from the film My Sweet and Tender Beast and ‘Eterna’.

The concert hall in Soroca was filled with those who love and admire Eugen Doga’s work. At the end of the concert guest were able to take a photograph with the Maestro and receive an autograph.

“I am sure that the echo of time still resounds in the Fort. And it is due to the merit of every resident of this city. I am extremely happy that, despite all obstacles, the anniversary concert did take place,” commented Eugen Doga.

The spectators noted that they had been waiting for this moment for a long time. Many of them came from other towns and villages.

“I am glad that Maestro had the time to come to Soroca. Last time he visited was 10 years ago, in 2007. We are happy to see him.”

"I think Maestro saw for himself our affection for him. The audience applauded every chord. It was wonderful.”

"We really enjoyed the concert. We came from Belz to hear Doga."

"To receive Eugen Doga is an honor for any place. All we can do is enjoy the beauty of his pieces," commented the Mayor of Soroca Victor Sau.

The concert was organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research in partnership with the U.S. International Development Agency and Moldovan Wine and Winemaking Agency, government of Sweden and local city governments.

“We would like for Doga’s music to sound not only in big city concert halls but for it to become closer to our country’s nature that is very generous in September and is famous for its richness in towns which form our cultural heritage,” said Monica Babuk, Minister of Culture, Education and Research.

Foto - Vadim Şterbate.


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